Youth Services Center (GSM); was established in Ankara in 1985 in order to enable young people to develop themselves freely, shape their own lives, facilitate their adaptation to social and economic life, and contribute to their cultural-social development.  GSM accepts the young people as the resource and the most dynamic segment of the society. It believes in the active participation of young people in social, cultural and economic life, which contributes to the continuation and development of democratic social infrastructure. On the one hand, it tries to support young people to overcome the difficulties in front of them, on the other hand, it tries to make them understand that “life is a system that includes giving as well as taking”. It strives to enable young people to be individuals who look to the future with hope. The individual, social and cultural development of young people is at the forefront of its work. GSM handles all its programs, projects and activities within the framework of the basic principles of global education, human development and youth work.

State Theater Opera and Ballet Members Foundation (TOBAV); was established in 1981 in Ankara in order to realize the cooperation and solidarity of its members, to develop, popularize and endear the arts of theatre, opera and ballet at the national level. It also aims to support professional and amateur studies, to support established or to be established groups, to organize encouraging competitions, awards and courses, seminars, conversations, open sessions, symposiums, to provide domestic and international research opportunities, to publish publications. It has organized many national and international festivals and organizations. TOBAV strives to spread art, which is an indispensable element of living humanely as individuals and as a society, in all areas of life.

Flying Broom Foundation was established in Ankara in 1996 to build bridges and increase solidarity between women’s organizations and activists. Since 2017, it has been continuing its corporate history as a foundation. Its mission is to “Work for the promotion of feminist thought, action and policies for gender equality and women’s empowerment; in this direction, to support national and international organization initiatives, to enrich the knowledge of the field with original research”. Moving with this mission, Flying Broom Foundation’s vision is to “Create change for a fair world for all where women are empowered and gender equality is achieved”. Being aware of the accumulation of the women’s movement, the Flying Broom Foundation continues its activities to keep the bond dynamic between women’s organizations, to represent the struggle for rights in the national and international arena, and to advocate. In this context, it is an active member of the Women’s Platform for Equality (EŞİK).


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