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Each individual has a right to freely participate in cultural life, benefit from arts, and realize the economic, social and cultural rights necessary for free development of his personality is stated in national and international law and accepted as an important dimension of universal human rights and cultural rights. 

Civil society organizations which enable individuals to exercise their rights and set ground for an organized society,  are the building blocks of democracy and social change. 

We join hands with civil society for change through “elele Dialogue Platform” which is consistied of CSOs, young activists, artists and academics who are the pioneers of local development and change in Diyarbakır, Erzincan, Gaziantep, Malatya and Mardin.


While individuals have different opportunities in accessing culture and art in social life, they also encounter various obstacles. These obstacles are both a cause and a consequence of ‘ inequality of access ‘. CSOs play the role of catalysts for change in overcoming the barriers to participation in cultural and artistic life and developing a culture of dialogue.

In addition, culture and art also contribute to sustainable development goals within helping to understand “other” culture, cultural diversity and building a better world.

Within the scope of Culture and Art for Dialogue: Civil Society Organizations Capacity Building Grant Programme, which will be announced within the framework of two separate open calls, in order to spread the impact created by CSOs operating in the field of culture and arts in Turkey, we join hands for culture and arts…


Othering, which includes different dimensions such as language, religion, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, political preferences, disability, sexual orientation, skin color, causes marginalization and permanent inequalities among people.

Othering prevents dialogue, tolerance, individual freedoms, and causes conflict and violence. It also creates social exclusion, intolerance for coexistence, mistrust and unwillingness to communicate in local communities. Polarization, another dimension of othering, divides the society into rival groups and increases prejudices against those defined as other.

Culture and art have the effect of facilitating dialogue, reducing prejudices, polarization and othering, and increase interaction between different segments. Cultural and artistic activities, which create a unique learning environment for young people, have important contributions to the elimination of prejudices also to the fight against hate speech.

On the other hand, participation and active citizenship mean participating in actions and initiatives that contribute to building a better society and having the rights, tools, space, opportunities, and support to influence them. Culture and  art provide unique opportunities for young people to be heard, become active citizens and engage in dialogue.

We join hands with young people for dialogue through cultural festivals, local art workshops, performing arts events, exhibitions, activities in mother tongue to be organized with the participation of local artists and young people in Diyarbakır, Erzincan, Gaziantep, Malatya and Mardin.

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